Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Indeed A Journey

altI do have one simple perspective upon life in short; it's a destined journey, whereby everything is written by God the Almighty. This written route ends when we die and continues in hereafter. The 
purpose to live is only being the slave of Him; to perform obligation towards Him and not to commit sins as this world is made as the field to plant the seeds, and we all would harvest the result later in hereafter.
In going through life as a whole, we would found variety of obstacles and they may appear simply in the form of positive and negative, in other words, the ups and downs. I define them as the tests from Him just to examine how deep our faith towards Him, how grateful we are, how much we would devote ourselves to Him and to know Him better.
Praised be to Allah who has given us life, showers us with love, filling our life with everything that we never ask for. He made us so perfectly. Despite, as a human being, sometimes, I admit that there are tests that I couldn't really handle, but I do believe that I still have tomorrow, better days and years to come. Allah is always good.  All in all, gain as many as possible the blessings from Him. The time is running out for everyone,and no one knows when the journey ends.

Enjoy Your Reading My dear! ^__^


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