Saturday, June 4, 2011

Plez,don't you ever leave me!

Don't leave me now or ever.
Don't let me be lost and empty without you.
Don't leave because I will be searching for you
Inside my soul and my thoughts.
The echo of your love will be very powerful.
Don't leave me, please,
The Autumn is approaching,
The rain and my tears will become one,
And our love will be washed away and lost,
In fallen leaves, naked trees and grey sky.
Listen my final, begging cry.
Don't leave me and let me despair,
Because we have still so much love to share. 

p/s: i love u my cute little kitten...don't u ever leave ur mommy...ur mommy love ya...plez keep that in ur mind my dear...plez stay strong...i love ya even though we just met each other only for 5 day...just want ya to stay here wif me n my that i won't feel lonely anymore...


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Enjoy Your Reading My dear! ^__^


BLADE EDGE said...


saya just blogwalking kat sini. baru tahu pasal blog ni..

anyway kalau ada masa, silalah berkunjung ke blog saya.

happy blogging :-)


nadya e-man said...

w''s ok...nanti sy berkunjung kat sna..anyway,thnx sggah yek... =)


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