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"Butterfly life~ fights to survive and after a painful transition, becomes more beautiful and vibrant than ever. Learn from pain and come back even better!"

really love dat quote...
why butterfly???
coz for me,i think butterflies are beautiful flying insects with large colorful wings...
where can we find butterflies???
usually, butterflies can be found in forest,fields and also in residential area...

when we talk about the type of butterflies,often we will discusses about the different buttefly families and subfamilies, whose names reflect shared physical characteristics of member species...

now,lets move on to da different types of butterflies...

Hesperiidae (skippers): The skippers are commonly the small brownish butterflies that hop from flower to flower. They are characterized by relatively large eyes and closed wings at rest. Spreadwing skippers are the general exception to that rule.
Some of the common names for skippers are longtails, flashers, cloudywings, flats, sootywings, duskywings and skipperlings
Lycaenidae (gossamer-wings): The gossamer-wing butterflies are characteristically small butterflies. All the subfamilies have similar looking species making for difficult field identification. Except for their sharing a blue color, the blue butterflies are among the most difficult to identify. Other member of the Lycaenidae family are the coppers, hairstreaks and elfins
Nymphalidae (brush-footed butterflies): The brush-footed butterflies make up the largest family of butterflies, divided into a number of subfamilies, genera and species. Some of the common names for brush-footed butterfly species are: fritillaries, checkerspots, ladies, crescents, commas and tortoiseshells.
Many brush-footed butterfly species have wings with an orange color, making a close examination of their wing patterns necessary for proper identification.
Papilionidae (swallowtails): The swallowtail butterflies are the primary butterflies in this family. They are characterized by extended apendages (tails) at the bottom of their wings.
Pieridae (whites and sulphurs): The white and sulphur (yellow) butterflies are easy to see in the field and initially identified by color. One of the most common white butterflies you see in yards and gardens is the Cabbage White butterfly. The catepillar is fond of garden vegetables. Marbles, orangetips, yellows and dogfaces are also in the family.
Riodinidae (metalmarks): They are typically small brown butterflies, found in the Southwest and Rio Grande valley.
these pictures originally from my album...

second pic

third pic

forth pic
last pic from me...

enjoy ur reading guys...

until we meet again


Enjoy Your Reading My dear! ^__^

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