Monday, November 15, 2010

~*Craving for Choholate*~

hye guys...
i'm here again...
and now i'm going to talk about CHOCOLATE
i wonder why people love to eat chocolate...
as for me, i love it coz it can help me to reduce stress n also can help u to full your stomach for a while if u don't have any other food to eat...

and now lets move on to the type of chocolate...
The main types of chocolate are white chocolate, milk chocolate, semisweet chocolate, bittersweet chocolate and unsweetened chocolate. These types of chocolate may be produced with ordinary cacao beans (mass-produced and cheap) or specialty cacao beans (aromatic and expensive) or a mixture of these two types. The composition of the mixture, origin of cacao beans, the treatment and roasting of beans, and the types and amounts of additives used will significantly affect the flavor and the price of the final chocolate.

White chocolate

White chocolateChocolate made with cocoa butter, sugar, milk, emulsifier, vanilla and sometimes other flavorings. It does
 not contain any non-fat ingredients from the cacao bean and has therefore an off-white color.In fact, white chocolate cannot be called “chocolate” because it does not contain chocolate to be kept from 6-10 months if stored in a cool, dry place. Generally, white chocolate is ivory-colored, but white chocolate which is made with vegetable fat is white-colored. White chocolate was first made in New Hampshire after World War I and become popularly distributed in America in 1984 with the introduction of Nestlé’s Alpine White Chocolate bar.

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolateSweet chocolate which normally contains 10-20% cocoa solids (which includes cocoa and cocoa butter) 
and more than 12% milk solids. It is seldom used for baking, except for cookies.This type of chocolate could be kept up to a year if stored in a cool, dry place.European milk chocolate better than American milk chocolate, because the more chocolate liquor added the more delicious it gets.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolateAlso known as “plain chocolate”, Dark chocolate is chocolate without milk as an additive.Sweetened 
chocolate with high content of cocoa solids and no or very little milk, it may contain up to 12% milk solids. Dark chocolate can either be sweet, semi-sweet, bittersweet or unsweetened. If a recipe specifies 'dark chocolate' you should first try semi-sweet dark chocolate.Dark chocolate is considered as healthy chocolate. According to studies of two prestigious scientific journals, it states that eating more dark chocolate can help lower your blood pressure, but you have to balance the extra calories by eating less of other things.

 Unsweetened ChocolateUnsweetened chocolate

Unsweetened chocolate is chocolate in its rawest form. This unadulterated chocolate is also known as 
baking, plain or bitter chocolate and popularly used as the base for cakes, brownies, confections, and cookies. Unsweetened chocolate is made from pure chocolate liquor that has been refined and contains 50-55% of cocoa butter. Since no sugar has been added to the chocolate it has a strong, bitter taste that is used in cooking and baking but is never eaten out of hand. Unsweetened chocolate, if well wrapped and stored in a cool, dry place with good air circulation, could be kept for several years.

Bittersweet chocolate & Semi-sweet chocolate

Semi-sweet and Bittersweet chocolate are the same kind of chocolate, both refer to dark chocolate. In 
Semi-sweet chocolate and Bittersweet chocolateAmerica, dark chocolate refers to Semi-sweet chocolate while in Europe dark chocolate refers to Bittersweet chocolate. The two  types of chocolate are able to use interchangeably. Both Semi-sweet and Bittersweet chocolate contain cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, and sometimes lecithin. Semi-sweet and Bittersweet chocolate, if well wrapped and stored in a cool, dry place with good air circulation, could be kept for several years.

Addition for your information: 

Compound chocolate Compound Chocolate 
The term ”Compound Chocolate” refers to a type of chocolate which is made by a combination of cocoa

 and vegetable fat, usually tropical fats and/or hydrogenated fats, as a replacement for cocoa butter. Compound Chocolate is primarily used for candy bar coatings, but because it does not contain cocoa butter, then it is not called “chocolate” in the US. Compound Chocolate is sometime added with flavors such as mint, orange, or strawberry to increase its deliciousness.

last but not least : Drinking Chocolate...
Cocoa powder with added sugars and milk extracts.  It has a very sweet flavour and pale colour.  Apart from its obvious use in drinks, drinking chocolate can be useful as a coating on truffles. i love hot chocolate!!! especially "Cadbury Hot Chocolate"


Enjoy Your Reading My dear! ^__^

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