Saturday, November 13, 2010

*~Music of My Heart~*

Why is music Important??? jom kite siasat bersama2~~~~~

  • “Music lifts up your soul and releases it.” 
  • “Music is what moves everyone, and without it, life would be pointless.” 
  • “Music is important because it can describe people, places, movies, or animals that words can’t.  Without music, the world would have a hard time understanding other things.” 
  • “Music is important because it helps you express yourself in ways that you can’t with normal talking.”
  • “Music is important to me because it gives me something to look forward to everyday.” 
  • “Music is important because it allows people to be creative and it offers more life to people.”  
  • “Music is important in my life because it gives me something to do.  I think it is important to the world because it helps people feel better and can give them hope.” 
  • “Music is important in my life because I always have something to sing along to and relate to.  It is important to the world as a whole because it brings us together.” 
  • “Music is the highlight of my day!  After a rough day, I like to listen to music to lift my spirits.”
  • “I think music is important because music is a way that people can express themselves and if people couldn’t express themselves there would be a lot more violence in the world.” 
  • “Music, without it there would be silence, less joy, and darker times.” 
  • “When I am feeling bad, it helps me not feel bad.  Music is important in life because you need it for your national anthem.” 
  • “Music is important in my life because I listen to it everyday.  It helps me relax.” 
  • “Music is important because it is a way to express myself.  It shows how someone feels.  It just adds to everything.” 
  •  “Music is important to me because it expresses feelings and some of the beats get you into the mood of the music.” 
  • “I like that I can make people happy doing what I like.” 
  • “Whenever I am sad, I play my music and it makes me happy.” 

dan setiap malam sebelum aku off to bed kan, akan jadik kemestian utk aku dgr beberapa lagu febret aku k...
nak tahu ke apa lagu tue??? jeng3....jom kte check it out!!!

Russian Roulette 
Heaven can Wait
Two is better Than one...
dan beberapa lagu korea 
ada lagi la lagu2 yg aku akan dgr tapi lau aku state kan kat snie takut korg x pernh dgr lak kan...
so tue je la yg aku senaraikan...
n then bce doa trus la tdo...

p/s : sebenarnya lagu2 tue mengingatkan aku pd seseorg...ngeh3!!!

Enjoy Your Reading My dear! ^__^

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