Tuesday, January 25, 2011


All the *mistakes* in the world couldnt
measure up to the day i thought i could trust you...
Although I’ll always love you and remember
the times we had, you’re a snobby little
bitch and you hurt me really bad.
Though you think it’s funny and only
times will tell that payback is a bitch
and I hope you burn in hell.
Although you were my girl, that I will
admit but when it comes to being a true
one babe you ain’t shit.
in the end u'll*
learn whose fake
whose t r u and*
who'd risk it all
. f o r y O u .
Dealing with backstabbers, there’s one
thing I’ve learned.
The bitches are only powerful
when your back is turned.

.the mOre friends u gOt.
-the mOre problems u see-
.cuz everyOne thats apart of ur life.
>taLks when u can't see
You start backstabbing me and going against
your word, thinking “Oh, she won’t know!”
Well guess what bitch, I heard.
Diamonds last forever but not all friends do.
Everything is so different now that I don’t have you.

You never know what you have until you
lose it and once you’ve lost it
you can never get it back.
To all my girls that stayed true
I thank God every day for you and all
you girls that left my side
fuck you. I’m not surprised.
No one stays true.
It’s like an addiction because no one is real.
It’s all fiction.
is *10* letters but so is..
what is it like to become what you once despised?
what is it like to pile lies on top of lies?
you're the lowest of the low so now you sink into your Hell.
All the people you used, it's coming back to you.
All of the promises broke, on them you fuckin choke.
I hate this life. Why? Because Im sick of it.
All my so-called friends are full of shit.
i love how your own friends,
who are supposed to care
about you, hafta point
out your *flaws*
and make you feel like shit
..reality hurts
like a bitch..
don't think you're sneaky
i see your little games
like when you walk around saying
[[you heard this and that]]
but can't mention any names
Another lesson learned.
Better know your friends
or else you'll get *burned*

Lately, i gotta watch what i say.
You take things personal now a days.
You used to laugh and now you get mad..
damn yo, i just want my best friend back.
No matter how hard i seem to try
u turn around and TwiSt my words into a lie
are friendships supposed to be like this?
cuz if they are...then i *quit*

Its terrible how you have to go
through such a tragedy to realize
who your true friends are.
I thought you were my friend and we would
be together until the end but you fucked
everything up and said shit that wasnt true
so now you gotta pay bitch --
all the blame is on you.
You could care less about me-*
I know I know you don't give a fvck -* it shows
Don't come crawling to me-* when it ends
I used to actually feel like-* your best friend
I never wanted it to end
but you left me and fell for my friend.
Now you're both smiling cuz you got some one new.
I ain't cryin but all I'll say is Fuck Both of You.

I have your back if you have mine but
if you dont then you best be watching yours.
Best friends are like bread knives
they can help you lots but they
can hurt you badly too.
Though I'm missin' you, I'll find a
way to make it through livin' without
you. Cause you were my sister
my strength and my pride, only God may
know why, still I will get by... *
I wanna act like nothings botherin me
Like everything's terrific
I got a couple problems with people
I won't get specific.
what is it like to become what you once despised?
what is it like to pile lies on top of lies?
you're the lowest of the low so now you sink into your Hell.
All the people you used, it's coming back to you.
All of the promises broke, on them you fuckin choke.
Its funny how friendships end up.
They just get down in the dumps.
People lie and talk behind each others backs.
They hurt you and make your heart crack.
They dont understand what they do because best
friends would never do that to you so keep your
friendship long and strong. Never break a
friendship that has lasted for so long.

Maybe not all friendships are meant to be saved...
Maybe we're meant to spend a certain
part of our lives with certain people
..and move on..
*Never turn your back on your friends.
That's the best target.*
No one stays true.
It's like an addiction
cuz ain't no one real ..
it's all * fiction *
I wish LiFe was like a -Fairy Tale-
and people were always friends
instead of these non-stop disasters
that NEVER want to eNd
It's never your enemies that get you.
It's always your own people
People these days are too fake.
They say im always here for
you Bitch please, give me a break.
I've lied to you, you've lied to me
We've cried together too.
Sometimes it seems like you hate me
I know you feel it too.
I wish it was back when it was just me and you
You say I'm going to fight your battles
well girl your -wrong-
I knew your weren't my best friend all along
I guess in the end people become the people
-->that they promised they'd never be...
Take out the picture blow off the dust
Take off the frame it's starting 2 rust
Remember the timez we had together
What happened 2 bein Best Friends Forever
The list just keeps getting
[[shorter and shorter]]
and there's fakes around every corner.
The people who hurt me the most
were the people who swore
they never would.
Some people don't catch on
they rather just pretend*
While things are going smooth
they smile and call you 'friend'.
Funny how you never know who
cares until it hurts,
and when it's over, does it
matter who blew off who first?
As soon as you start to let go
they start to catch on...
when they come back (like always)
laugh in their face and never give in...
they should've realized what they
had before they said good-bye...sucks for them.

Life takes your dreams and turns
them upside down. Friends talk
about you when youre not
around. People make promises that
they never keep and Ive
come to realize talk is cheap

Enjoy Your Reading My dear! ^__^

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